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We are experimenting with a Parish Record “Look-Up” Service to address simple local queries about family histories etc.  One of our WHG members has volunteered to provide this service.  If you want to pose a question, make it clear what you want to know and type your Look-Up question in the Message box. We can’t guarantee to know all the answers!

Other local websites


Faden’s Map of Norfolk c1797 – both an original version and also a digitally redrawn variant

Ordnance Survey 1818 – local area map with zoom & roam Courtesy of the British Library

Bryant’s Map of Norfolk c1826 – (the link is to this part of the county) with zoom and roam

Wreningham Tithe Map c1838 – then zoom into the Wreningham area and tick on “NCC Tithe”

Wreningham OS Map c1900 – 25 inch to mile – with zoom and roam

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