Day family

The Day family first arrived in Wreningham after James Day, born in 1718, and a thatcher, married Mary Griggs. James was born in Newton Flotman and Mary was from Wreningham.

After James Day’s death, Mary was able to buy several acres of land (part of Low Green) in the “Inclosures Act” disposals. This became a small but valuable landholding, providing development potential over the subsequent years.

The Day family established itself in Wreningham and clearly flourished. By the early 1800s they were starting to make their mark in the village.

In the last 20+ years of the 1900s, Basil Day began researching his family. By about 1990, his project had expanded into investigating the lives of everyone buried in Wreningham Churchyard. The 43 Day family burials had expanded to about 320 “others”!

Basil’s book already provides comprehensive detail on the Day family and their connections and marriages with so many other local families.

We recommend that anyone wishing to know more about each of them should read about it in the book. We could never hope to do his project justice – and it would need a website all of its own!

There are stories of two Day family members which you can find here and here.

Otherwise, for now, we will limit ourselves in describing the wider Day family to this single short page.

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